How Tall Do Avocado Trees Get? A Complete Guide

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Have you thought of planting an avocado tree in your garden and wondered how tall the tree could get?

There are various avocado varieties; some can grow very large and tall, while others remain dwarf.

With the right care and maintenance, the height should be between 50 and 70ft, while those in containers are even smaller. Some trees can get to 80ft.

If you plan to have a tree in your home garden, the best thing is pruning to avoid messing up your landscape. Stick on as we learn more about avocado tree height.

1. Indoor Avocado Trees

Indoor Avocado Trees

If you stay in a cool area and it’s hard to grow avocado trees outdoors, you can go for indoor trees. With ideal conditions, the indoor tree can grow to the size of an outdoor tree.

Growing your avocado tree in containers and an avocado pit will help maintain minimum growth to prevent it from outgrowing your house. You can consider dwarf trees for indoor trees to avoid the maintenance struggle.

The dwarf trees grow 8 to 10ft tall, and growing them in gallon containers will give enough room for root development. The Wurtz variety is a perfect indoor tree.

You might be worried about the yield of indoor trees, but with sunlight access and maintenance, your plant will bear sweet avocados.

2. Dwarf Avocado Trees

I love that dwarf avocado trees can grow indoors and in the backyard. When growing the tree outside, check that the area has well-draining soils and has access to direct sunlight. With the right container, you won’t have trouble with indoor growth.

The trees grow up to 10 feet tall outdoors and in ideal conditions, with some reaching 14 feet.

The best part is these avocado yield fruits faster than you expect, and the tree may pop up its first fruit in as little as one year. However, most dwarf trees will produce fruits in three years.

Gwen is a common dwarf variety that produces most fruits and can grow up to 14 feet, and it has a small fruit with relatively smooth skin. It gets overwhelmed by temperatures below 30 

degrees and it would be best to plant it in containers for easier movement.

3. Primary Varieties

There are three main avocado varieties; West Indian, Guatemalan, and Mexican. The popular Hass is a hybrid of Guatemalan and Mexican, and we all love the outcome that takes the Mexican oil content and hard and thick skin from the Guatemalan.

The height of these varieties differ, and you can only consider one smaller than the other due to the wide range of hybrids.

The West Indian has large and smooth fruits with low oil, while the Guatemalan have black to green skins. The Mexican can withstand a temperature up to 19 degrees making it the hardest.

4. Hass Avocado Trees

Avocados in farm


The tree can reach heights up to 20 feet and width between 5 to 8 feet when grown outdoors under the right conditions. It attains a height of up to 7ft when grown in a container for effortless harvesting and ensuring it doesn’t take up your indoor space.

I love the unique taste of this avocado and, most of all, the fact that it ripens without going bad easily. Planting the Hass tree is a real deal since the plant will give a continuous yield for the next forty years.

Do Avocado Trees Grow Quickly?

It would help if you had a lot of patience to wait for your avocado tree to grow and yield fruits. Sapling tree seedlings take 3 to 4 years, while a tree grown from seeds can take up to 13 years. 

Trees from saplings grow faster since they are grafted with mature trees and won’t take long to produce fruits. Growing avocado trees isn’t difficult; give it your attention to ensure it’s not attacked by fungus or diseases that will prevent their growth.

How Much Room Does an Avocado Tree Need?

Avocado tree leaves

When planting an avocado tree, you must leave a 10-meter spacing between trees and 3 meters of space from buildings. If your plant is indoors, place it in an area that won’t hinder the lateral growth of branches. 

Ensure you plant your tree on a side that will block it from harsh winds that may break your branches that could have established guacamoles.

Can Avocado Trees be Kept Small?

Yes. You can keep your tree small by making small cuts and pinching the buds. Pruning keeps your plant small and bushy. It will keep your Hass at 15ft.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to take a step and plant an avocado tree in your garden, and you will have your favorite fruit steps away. It’s easier to harvest your sweet fruit from short avocado trees. I recommend grafted trees since they mature within a short time than avocado trees grown from seeds. 

Prune your trees regularly after the harvest to encourage lateral growth. Remember to fertilize your tree to ensure a maximum supply of nutrients.

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