Do Avocado Trees Need Manure?

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Have you been questioning whether avocado trees need manure? You’re not alone; most avocado enthusiasts don’t know whether to use manure or synthetic fertilizers.

Stay tuned as we clear the confusion in this guide.

So, do avocado trees need manure? Yes, they do. Manure is a crucial aspect of the growth of avocado trees because of being an organic fertilizer. That means that it is fully eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Manure contains phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium nutrients, which improve soil fertility and maximize avocado fruit production.

I will further show you some of the best manure types you can easily apply under your avocado tree to increase soil fertility.

Best Manure for your Avocado Tree: Our Top 8 Recommendations

1. Coffee Ground

Coffee grounds are plant manure that assists in the provision of natural nitrogen to the soil of your avocado tree.

The manure should be applied only when there are signs of a lack of nitrogen in your avocado tree. The signs are yellowish spots on your tree’s leaves.

If you apply too much coffee grounds manure on your healthy tree, there is the danger of reducing fruit production.

2. Chicken Manure

Chicken manure is another good manure option for your avocado tree. It should not be applied raw but after undergoing composting for at least 3 months.

The manure aids in moisture retention and also in soil loosening and aeration. It is also prudent to thoroughly water the soil after application.

The manure contains soluble potash, nitrogen, and phosphoric acid minerals that are important in nourishing your tree’s soil.

The hen incubates the eggs on the farm

3. Eggshells

Eggshells are a good source of calcium, an essential nutrient for your avocado tree.

It is prudent to put the eggshells in compost to minimize organic yard and enrich the soil. You should also note that the shells are identifiable even after composting.

The eggshells being seen after composting isn’t a big deal, but it may not be aesthetically right to others. To solve the issue, ensure you dry the eggshells properly, as this will make them crush fully before adding them to your compost bin.

Empty broken eggshells isolated on white

4. Cow Dung

Cow dung manure is made of digested grain and grass, which makes it rich in nutrients like phosphorus and potassium, which are very conducive for your avocado tree.

Composted cow dung manure also contains beneficial bacteria that aid in regulating the nutrient intake of your avocado tree to avoid burning young roots.

It is prudent to compost cow dung manure before applying it to your avocado tree because fresh dung contains toxic ammonia, which will burn your avocado tree.

5. Goat Droppings

Goat droppings manure is a good organic manure option for your avocado tree. Its dry pellets are convenient to collect and apply and less messy.

Goat droppings manure is odorless doesn’t draw attention to insects and doesn’t burn plants if applied raw, as does cow dung.

6. Bone Meal

Bone meal manure is made from the bones of animals, especially beef bones ground into a powder form.

Bone meal manure is greatly rich in phosphorus, a highly important nutrient for your avocado tree, necessitating photosynthesis.

The manure is released over several months, increasing the soil’s microbes and benefiting your avocado tree’s root system.

7. Fish Bone Meal

Fish bone meal manure is a good source of phosphorus and calcium that is important for your avocado tree to develop strong roots.

The manure also maintains the soil’s bio-fertility by feeding the soil’s micro-organisms.

Fish bone meal is eco-friendly due to being an organic fertilizer and is significantly cost-effective compared to the inorganic ones.

8. Hoof and Horn Meal

Hoof and horn meal manure can be a high nitrogen additive for your avocado tree.

The manure will enable your avocado tree by necessitating its make of leaf protein. It also assists in the control of unwanted weeds.

Hoofs and horn manure come in the micro-granular form and is cost-effective, meaning you will save some coin while yielding good produce.

Manure Application Tips for Safe Gardening

  • Avoid using dog manure in avocado tree gardening due to the high danger of your avocado fruits becoming contaminated with bacteria in dog poop, which will render the fruits not good for consumption.
  • Never apply the manure of a sick animal on your avocado tree. Don’t even attempt composting it; separate it and dispose of it to avoid contamination. 
  • You should also ensure you avoid the application of fresh manure on your avocado tree. That is due to high toxic ammonia levels that can kill your avocado tree.
  • It is advisable to apply manure in the fall season, preferably when the soil under your avocado tree is covered, warm, and not saturated. 
  • Also, you should not harvest your avocado fruit until at least 120 days after applying manure.


That is all about manure for avocado trees. Now that you know all about manure and its benefits, you need not worry about applying them to your avocado trees.

Please go through the above content so that you get to know and choose the best manure for your avocado tree and the proper ways of handling, using, and applying them.

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