Are Eggshells Good for Avocado Trees?

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Are eggshells good for avocado trees? The answer you’re looking for is YES. However, this applies if your avocado tree is in good health. Your avocado tree’s roots will grow and retain healthy roots thanks to the calcium in eggshells, which will assist the tree in withstanding pests and diseases.

Are you planning to grow avocados and are curious about the best soil to provide the tree with all the nutrients it needs? Avocados are a sort of large, edible fruit that originates from a shrub or tree. 

Stay put as we learn more about the benefits of eggshell fertilizers and how to make them.

Why Use Eggshells for Plants?

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Eggshells are beneficial to plants in various ways:

1. Help to Reduce Soil Acidity

Many different plant species demand low soil acidity to absorb nutrients and fend off harmful substances like aluminum. 

Eggshell calcium carbonate decreases the pH of the soil, rendering it more alkaline than acidic.

2. Prevent Blossom-End Rot

Due to a calcium deficit, some plants, such as tomato plants, will acquire black spots on the tips of their fruit. Fertilizing with eggshell calcium can make fruiting plants grow and prevent blossom-end rot.

3. Keep Pests Away

While the jagged edges of dry, smashed shells are dangerous for the bodies of slugs and snails. Additionally, the lingering egg scent keeps squirrels away.

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4. Promote the Growth of Roots

Eggshells’ calcium carbonate helps a plant’s roots get stronger to develop more quickly and robustly. To make a fine powder, smash clean, dry eggshells. 

You should add boiling water to the powdered eggshells. Then the mixture should be covered and kept in a refrigerator for a week with only one daily stirring. After one week, pour the mix straight into the soil above the plant’s roots.

3 Ways to Make Eggshell Fertilizer

You can turn eggshells into fertilizer in a few different ways:

1. Crush the eggshells 

Eggshells should be washed, rinsed, and dried. Using a rolling pin, food processor, mortar, and pestle, you should also crush your eggshells into a fine powder. 

Wear a mask to prevent inhaling eggshell dust when crushing the shells. You can incorporate the eggshell powder in the soil of your vegetable garden, indoor plant potting mix, or flower bed.

2. Grind the Eggshells

Eggshells can be ground into powder using a coffee grinder if you don’t have access to a food processor or other manual instruments. 

You can either pour the ground eggshells directly into your planting holes or add them to the compost bin to make mulch.

3. Let the Eggshells Steep

You can use eggshells to create a fertilizer tea that will give your garden liquid calcium. Between 10 and 20 clean, you should add dry eggshells to a gallon of boiling water. 

Strain out the shells after letting them soak in the water for the night. For each plant, put two cups of liquid on it. Every two weeks, redo the eggshell tea procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Avocados Fruit Healthy Tree Growth Organic

Which fertilizer is ideal for avocado trees?

Avocados require a little zinc and a lot of nitrogen. Avocados can be fertilized with citrus tree fertilizer, or you can choose to be organic and apply emulsion, compost, fish, coffee, and more.

Which plants love eggshells?

Shell fertilizer is particularly beneficial for plants like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. The additional calcium will assist in avoiding blossom-end rot. In addition to being calcium-rich, broccoli, Swiss chard, cauliflower, spinach, and amaranth may use more calcium from eggshells.

Do avocado plants benefit from coffee grounds?

Yes, they do. Coffee grounds help avocado trees flourish by delivering magnesium, potassium, nitrogen, and other great nutrients.

Do fruit trees benefit from eggshells?

Yes! Egg shells are rich in calcium, which worms and plants both appreciate. Although you may add them without crushing them beforehand, doing so will yield the greatest results. You can also use them to make a calcium mixture with a delayed release, which is excellent for citrus.

How do I ensure my avocado tree is healthy?

Be sure to water avocados slowly and deeply. This is because they tend to dry out in between, much like citrus trees. Weekly watering is sufficient unless the weather is particularly dry. Don’t overwater since avocados are subject to root rot. Instead, let it sink into the roots.

When should my avocado tree be fertilized?

Avocado Fruit Healthy Tree Growth Organic

After planting, fertilize your avocado tree at least three times in the first year: once in the early spring or late winter, once in the middle of the summer, and once in the late fall. After late fall, you shouldn’t fertilize your tree because it will go dormant throughout the winter.

Final Thoughts

Are eggshells good for avocado trees? By now, you should know the answer to this. Eggshells are a great way to add calcium carbonate to the soil because they contain this mineral. 

You should grind eggshells with a grinder or mixer before incorporating them into the soil. It is advised to plow eggshells into the soil in the fall because it takes a while for them to decompose and get absorbed by a plant’s roots.

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